Why Eco Toys

Oct 31, 2016 | Slow Living

chemical free eco-friendly toys

Our babies and children play with toys to stimulate learning and awareness of their environment. What you may not be aware of are all the toxins and dangerous materials in some toys that can negatively harm their health. Unfortunately conventional toys are made with numerous hazardous chemicals that can harm your child.

Here are some of the reasons that Eco Toys are the best

Many toys contain synthetic substances that are known to be hazardous to children’s health. These include softeners used in plastic toys, which can disrupt the hormone system, formaldehyde used in glued wooden puzzles, which can cause cancer, or flame retardants used in teddy bears, which can adversely affect a child’s development. Independent tests confirm that almost all of these hazardous chemicals can be substituted by safer alternatives.

Possible health effects

Children are in very close contact with their toys and frequently put them into their mouth. Therefore, it is very likely that hazardous chemicals in the toys may enter the body of the child. Children will not poison themselves from toys. But they start collecting substances in their body, which over time and when accumulating, may cause serious health problems, such as cancer or reproductive disorders. The fertility of young men and young women is suspected to decrease, among other due to exposure to chemicals, which may also be contained in toys.

So as you can see there are just a few reasons and very serious reasons why we choose Eco Friendly Toys for our children.

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