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Sophie’s Dolls.

This beautiful collection of modern heirloom and look-a-like dolls was designed by Mohenz, mother to an angelic two-year-old, who was inspired by the beauty and sights of Puerto Rico to create eye-catching, stimulating toys for kids.

The why.

A driving force behind these dolls is the promotion of racial, cultural and all around diversity and inclusion. Teaching the concept of diversity is ideally started from a young age – diversifying your kids’ dolls is a great way to start. Exposing kids to characters of diverse backgrounds normalizes their interaction with them, and fosters their belief in equality. While the world’s flawed, our children are precious and we can build towards a better future.

The dolls.

“I have been a graphic designer for more than 11 years and making dolls and other plushies under my own label for about two years. My creative energy is currently focused on two types of dolls. One is the new Heirloom Dolls made with Eco-Canvas printed fabric and merino hair and the second one is the all NEW RE-DESIGN best sellers Look-a-like Dolls that are made to resemble some characteristic of a child. All my dolls and collections have a modern and minimalist twist. I make each doll from start to finish and sell them exclusively through my website in very small batches”.  Mohenz (Owner and Creator of Sophie’s Dolls)



Minimalist children’s toys to inspire imagination and creativity.


Whimsical starry-eyed dolls, handmade in Australia.


Handcrafting fine furniture and wooden toys in their Los Angeles-based workshop.


Handmade heirloom dolls created in County Cork, Ireland.