Fun Outdoor Activities

Oct 31, 2016 | Slow Living

Fun Outdoor Activities

The weather is slowly getting warmer and the sun is out most days, so it’s that time again to start thinking about fun and free outdoor activities for the kids.

We have put together a list of some of our favourite outdoor activities that we enjoy with our kids.  If you’re heading into autumn rather than spring, most of these activities can be moved indoors so don’t worry, there is something here for everyone.  Give them a try and don’t forget to pop back and let us know how you went.

Digging For Treasure

Hide small objects in the sandbox for your children to find as they dig about in the sand.  You can give them an old kitchen colander to sift through the sand with.  Who knows what they might find!  If you like, you can spray-paint rocks in shiny silver and gold, and show the kids how to search for hidden treasure.  Try this at the beach as well… you can ask the kids to find shells, seaweed or a message in a bottle!

Treasure Hunt Beach

Scavenger Hunt

The idea of a scavenger hunt is to find all the items on a list and return them to a designated place as quickly as possible.  You can play as individuals or on teams.  All items on the list are easily found in the backyard (they can be hidden before the game). Things like a red leaf, matchstick, old bottle or can, feather, etc.  The person that returns all of the items on the list first is the winner.

Playing in the garden

Mud Pie Kitchen

Set up this simple little mud-pie kitchen to entice the children into some messy, sensory play that encourages thinking, role play, language, skill development, fine motor skills, creativity and more. And really, you can’t have a childhood without playing in the mud! You can visit your local opportunity shop and get some cheap pots and pans and utensils for the kids to use.

Fun with mud

Painted Rocks + Odds and Ends

Gather some rocks, leaves, old wood etc from the garden and let the children paint them.  They will create little masterpieces to keep for years to come.  You can even buy googly eyes to stick onto the rocks… the fun is endless.

Painting Rocks