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The Birthday Doll Company

The Birthday Doll Company was founded in 2013 in Brooklyn, New York by Lauren Cockerham-Colas, together with her husband, Everald Colas. Professionally trained in public health and architecture, The Birthday Doll Company is an extension of Lauren’s passion for creative health promotion and Everald’s passion for good design.

Lauren, the creative force and maker of the dolls, grew up watching her mother create and inspired by her began to do the same. When her good friends had their first baby, Lauren sought to make their child a gift that was unique, meaningful and could be cherished for a lifetime — The Birthday Doll Company was born.

The fray

The dolls are designed to not only help celebrate your child’s birthday and encourage imaginative play but to also encourage an appreciation of all of life’s little moments.

Through her extensive work with marginalized populations, Lauren learned that it’s the small things — a bit of education, a listening ear, or even a word of encouragement that can have a huge impact on the life of someone else. This is actually the philosophy behind The Birthday Doll Company: that through something so small — a doll that intentionally changes over time, lives can be enhanced. Parent and child adding the annual birthday patch together will create a comforting tradition and collection of fond memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. The fraying portion of the doll will serve as a visual reminder of the fleeting nature of childhood, encouraging parents to be more patient and gracious with their children (and with themselves!) during difficult times.

The birthday dolls are small and simple, yet they have the potential to impact lives in a big way. This potential is what inspires The Birthday Doll Company.



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