5 Tips for Creating a Calm Boys Room

Jan 22, 2018 | Kids Rooms

Talie Jordan is the Interior Designer and Girl Boss at Bam Interiors and proud mama to two boys. She is passionate about creating beautiful, organised and functional spaces for busy mums and their families to minimise overwhelm and promote a calm and happy environment – leaving more time for the important things like naps, cuddles and play.  We are thrilled to have Talie on board bringing a wealth of knowledge and interior ideas for you and your little ones rooms.  For her first guest blog, I asked Talie for her top tips on creating a calm space for boys.  Something that’s very close to both of our hearts, having two boys each!

If you’re a Mum of boys you’ve probably experienced first hand the high energy and extreme amount of noise that often accompanies tiny male humans. As a Children’s Interior Decorator and mum of two boys (yep you guessed it!) it was of utmost importance for me to create a calm space for my boys to grow up in. So for my first post here at Tiny Loves Slow, I thought I would share my top 5 tips for creating a calm boys rooms.

1. Choose Calming Colours

Calming colours are imperative for a relaxed and inviting environment. Stick to a more pastel or muted palette and choose colours that will help to relax your little ones such as greys, blues, greens, and whites. Avoid bright and bold colours or too much pattern which can be visually stimulating. I’m not saying their room has to be boring, far from it! There are so many gorgeous colours out there and simple, muted patterns are more than acceptable.

2. Ditch the Clutter

As an avid Declutterer, I can not stress this point enough! Visual clutter is a stress inducer and it has to go. Where possible I recommend having your kids play space in another room or area in your home. If that’s not an option for you then make sure all of the toys are stored in one ‘zone’ of the bedroom. Ensure that everything has a home so it’s easy for your babes to pack away and use hidden or lidded storage whenever possible. It’s also a good idea to introduce your kids to the notion of decluttering. Making it a part of your schedule and lifestyle not only allows you to stay on top of the ‘stuff’ that comes into your home but it also sets our kids up for good habits when they (heaven forbid!) grow up.

3. Create a Reading Area

Reading is not only fantastic for creativity and imagination (just to name a few!) but it also relaxes our minds and calms our body. Creating a little reading nook or area for your child not only looks great but will encourage them to pick up a book and sit down for a while, even if they’re just looking at the pictures! Make it super inviting by adding a few comfy cushions, a big fluffy blanket and one of their favourite softies. And of course, make sure their favourite books are at arms reach by popping them in a cute basket or low bookshelf.

4. Choose Comfy Bedding

Do you ever see a photo of a beautiful, sumptuous bedroom on Insta or Pinterest and wish you could just crawl straight on in and curl up for a quick nap? Well, that’s what we want to happen with our kiddos when they see their bed! We are not short of choice when it comes to beautiful well-made kids bedding nowadays but it’s important to keep comfort front of mind when choosing. Whether you prefer linen, cotton or jersey, ensuring you choose good quality will not only be more comfortable but will pay off in the long run with durability. Steer clear of itchy woollen blankets or unnecessary embellishments that could be uncomfortable.

5. Include Natural Elements

We all know that spending time in nature is a great way to unwind and relax so why not bring some of these much loved elements into our kids rooms. Whether you use wooden furniture, hang an ocean print or make a mobile out of twigs and leaves, adding natural elements brings in a little breath of fresh, relaxing air.

So there you have my top 5 tips for creating a calm boys room! You can most definitely use these tips for little ladies rooms too and anywhere else in your home. I hope you took something useful away from this and I’ll be back here at Tiny Loves Slow next month with some more Interior tips and tricks for you! In the meantime, you can check out my blog for other kids interiors inspo or email me to chat about our services.